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Welcome to the RedFive Creative & Marketing ordering page. Please have all or your ordering information ready.

Please fill out ALL areas required to assure data and shipping information is accurate. If this is your companies first time ordering, someone will be in touch with you to gather billing information, prior to completion of first order. Most orders take an average of 14 business days under standard conditions. (Plus shipping)

Let’s get started.

A. Are you submitting a file / photo / or logo? If so, read the following preferred formats and then click here sales@redfivesource.com to open your email program. Just use the PO attached to this project, for reference. Be sure to include your full name and contact information.

Please try to make sure it’s a high resolution as possible. (200+ dpi and try to make sure it’s sized large than your output destination) We prefer JPG (RGB Color) or TIFF (CMYK color) when possible.

If you are submitting a logo, We prefer to have it submitted as vector based file. (.eps or .ai will usually do the trick) Sometimes a PDF may be good enough. Please note that a jpg or png copied and pasted into an Illustrator file is not the proper way to get a vector file. We need a file created in the vector base program for ideal results.

Sometimes your file may be too big to transmit through email. (10mb and above is usually trouble) We recommend a FILE TRANSFER PROGRAM like www.wetransfer.com to send larger files. Use our email as the destination address. (sales@redfivesource.com)

Next. Let’s create an order.

If you have additional questions
please contact Bill Carty

For more information on printing, design or branding:
please visit RedFive Creative & Marketing online at www.redfivesource.com
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